Korean actress Kim Hee Ae was in Singapore last week for the opening of SK-II’s Change Destiny museum at Paragon Orchard.

We spoke to the 47-year-old, who is an ambassador of the brand, about the ageing process, of which she was pleasantly candid about.

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Image: SK-II

But what we find most surprising about our interview with the star was her answer to a K-Style question, and how honest she was when we asked her about what she would say to her younger self.

Here are her answers:

What’s the Korean fashion trend everyone should try now? None. It’s a surprising answer, coming from one of South Korea’s biggest style icons. The actress even won a K-Style award last year alongside actor Kim Soo Hyun, actor Jo In Sung, and girl group 4Minute, amongst others.

While she’s honoured to have such a title, Kim remains humble and says she chooses her clothes according to her body shape, and the formality of an event. The style advice she offers here then, is to focus on finding what works best for yourself and to dress appropriately for events, rather than sporting the latest trend.

Advice for her younger self. Spend more time learning – foreign languages especially – and live abroad for a few years, she points out, among a whole list of other things she would have liked to do.

Still, Kim says she doesn’t live with any regrets and is positive about the future. Since she began acting at the age of 16, she had gained valuable experience from making “countless mistakes” in showbiz. The actress says that she wants to make full use of her time ahead to take on new opportunities.

What she was up to in Singapore. Kim said she didn’t have much time to explore Singapore before she our interview on Friday, but tried French-Asian cuisine at Sky on 57 (delicious, she says.) Given the chance however, she would like to have a taste of local food and enjoy the scenery by taking a ride on the river cruise (apparently, the actress got many recommendations to try out the attraction.)

Word has it that the actress spent last weekend in Singapore. We sure hope you had an amazing time here, Hee Ae!

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