All images: Ken Chu / Weibo

While Ken Chu and Vivien Han registered their marriage way back in March, any and all information about their actual wedding day has been kept completely under wraps. 

Until now, that is.

Photos of the couple taken inside a beautiful Bali wedding venue were recently leaked on wedding website 51chaohun, JayneStars reports.

The user, who uploaded the photos, wrote: “Ken Chu’s wedding day. The bride is very pretty. Congratulations!”

Ken looked dapper in his fancy black tux, while Vivien wore a gorgeous bridal gown that showed off her legs.

Ken Chu is the third member of F4 to get married after Vanness Wu and Vic Chou, leaving Jerry Yan as the last bachelor standing.

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UPDATE: We here at herworldPLUS did some digging, and it has since been revealed that the pictures were for a magazine, and more can be found on Ken Chu’s Weibo page. You’re welcome! 😉


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