Katie Holmes accessory collection worth a million dollarsKatie Holmes reportedly has an accessory collection worth “millions of dollars”.

It was previously revealed the actress did not receive a huge payout from her ex-husband Tom Cruise in their divorce settlement.

However, sources have now revealed that Katie has kept all the gifts given to her by the Mission Impossible actor during their time together. These items equal a hefty sum of money comparable with what she would have received from a pre-nup.

“Tom was extremely generous to Katie with lavish gifts during their marriage and she will be keeping millions of dollars of jewellery, handbags and other luxurious items,” a source told Radar Online. “Katie’s handbag collection includes custom made Hermes Birkins that would make any fashionista swoon.”

Katie reportedly has a handbag collection that is even bigger and better than her friend designer Victoria Beckham. The actress’s fondness for Hermes handbags in particular illustrate the extent of the value her accessory collection is worth.

“Katie has an oversize Birkin in a gorgeous shade of red. She also has several iconic Hermes Kelly handbags,” the source continued. “Katie probably got at least ten Hermes handbags as gifts from Tom during the course of the marriage, ranging in price from 10k-50k, each!”

While Katie is free to enjoy the handbags as she pleases, the jewels given to her by Tom are being kept locked away. Although she rightfully owns the jewellery items, Katie is thought to be saving the timelessly valuable pieces for her daughter Suri to one day inherit.

“Tom gave Katie diamond earrings as a birthday gift one year that easily cost over $500k and he had custom design pieces made for her. Under terms of the divorce, Katie is keeping all of the jewellery, handbags, accessories, and designer clothing,” the source explained. “What she does with it is up to her. For the time being, the jewels are being kept in a very safe place and knowing Katie, it’s likely she will one day give them to Suri once she is old enough.”