Image: Cavin Foo for The New Paper

Many mothers would hesitate to bring their newborns to work with them.

But actress-host Kate Pang did just that on Wednesday, showing up to the launch of local pawnbroker Maxi-Cash’s new LeGold jewellery collection with two-month-old daughter Avery in tow.

“I’m used to bringing her out almost every day, and she is very easy to look after,” Pang, 33, told The New Paper in Mandarin, while the baby girl snoozed in her pram nearby.

She and local actor-husband Andie Chen, 31, also have a two-year-old son, Aden. “Since it’s my second time being a mum, I am more confident… I think Avery senses that and feels more secure.”

Aden is delighted with his new sibling and loves playing with her. Pang said: “He is very curious about her and will prod her nose, or put his hand in her mouth. I think he thinks of Avery as a toy, but he’ll say ‘I love mei mei’ (little sister in Mandarin).

“Having a girl is a bit different, because girls are like little princesses and you naturally feel more protective over them.”

The Taiwan-born Mediacorp TV personality, who gave birth on June 16, looked radiant and svelte in a shocking pink gown at her first press event since popping.

But she was “not at all nervous” about her appearance.  “I guess I have a thick skin,” she joked. “I asked my stylist to help me a pick a dress that would flatter my figure and hide my tummy.”

Pang, who was announced as the ambassador for LeGold at the event, also modelled pieces from the collection. Pang described being a jewellery ambassador as “a dream come true”. 

She said she has had a soft spot for gold since the age of nine, when she received her first gold pendant from her grandmother. It was engraved with her Chinese zodiac sign, the pig, on one side, and the Chinense character ‘fu’, meaning prosperity, on the other. “I really want to buy gold jewellery for Aden and Avery, but Andie has been stopping me, because the kids are too young to appreciate it and we need to save money. Maybe when they are a little older.”


Image composite: Lollipop

Baby Avery may not be rolling in gold, but she has been showered with gifts from her godmother Rui En.

Chen, who got close to Rui En after starring together in this year’s Channel 8 drama If Only I Could as a married couple, was the one who suggested she become Avery’s godmother. In fact, the couple got the name Avery from the 35-year-old local actress, who had originally planned to use it for her own daughter in future. 

“Many people have the impression that Rui En is cold, but she is actually a very warm-hearted and caring godmother,” said Pang.

“She visits often and buys cute and quirky presents for the kids, like a blanket with a sheep’s head.

“I think she would make a great mother. She has such an intense love for children, and likes to carry and cuddle them.”

Pang joked that Rui En has yet to change Avery’s diapers, but she is welcome to if she volunteers. At the moment, Pang is focused on her family and their parenting site Kandie Network, which featured a video of Avery’s birth, but may return to acting early next year.

“I actually like being a stay-home mum, but Andie doesn’t encourage it,” she said. “He thinks it’s good for me to get out of the house, or the topics I talk about get very boring. I find myself getting too caught up in the nitty-gritty details of life if I stop work for too long.”

With both a boy and girl, Pang feels her family of four is complete and she is unlikely to have another child. “I like the idea of a father, mother, son and daughter. It feels like the perfect family size.”