Kate Middleton’s dress is super ugly but still crashes the Internet! B1.png

Ew. Boring and ugly. (The dress, that is; the wearer is fabulous.)

Let the pregnancy watch begin! K-Mid’s belly is back, yo.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been on the down low for a minute, but her burgeoning baby bump quite literally has a life of its own – enough to wipe out a website, apparently.

Here’s what went down. Let’s set the scene for this week’s very public display of pregnancy, shall we. Picture this: A so-British-it-hurts, posh primary school in London. Kate’s been invited to officially open a new art room at said school. The kids are fired up; some are clutching precious portraits of their generation’s People’s Princess in their itty-bitty paws.

Kate Middleton emerges from her limo. Boom. It’s undeniable. Now that the mummy-to-be has breached the six-month mark, that bump simply cannot be stopped.

Witness the rapid-fire response: Kate poses obligingly for the posse of photogs; the images are issued to major wire services; the blogs pick it up; fashion folks see her #OOTD, goes absolutely bonkers; e-commerce site flogging Kate’s dress promptly goes kaput from massive traffic spike.

The dress in question is courtesy of British heritage brand Madderson; the site describes it as being wrought from wool in a deep navy, with pockets trimmed in pink French tweed.

The damage? Just £450 (S$900), but hey, your wallet can rest easy: The dress is completely sold out, natch.

Kate Middleton’s dress is super ugly but still crashes the Internet! B2.png

Now for some totally subjective critique of Kate’s dress. I absolutely hate it. It’s dowdy Chanel-lite in the worst way possible, plus those hideous pink pockets on her hips are making my eyes twitch the longer I look at them … but maybe that’s just bitter old me.

Happily, her hair game is strong as always, and the lovely apricot blush is beautifully applied. Besides, I’m sure there’ll be a few more photo ops before her second baby is born, so here’s hoping Kate selects something sexier the next time. (Give us a Kerry Washington moment, pretty please?)

We’ll be stalking your family on Instagram – yes, the royals are getting in on the social media action – so make it work!

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