Kate Hudson: Being happy makes you beautifulKate Hudson says “being happy” is her best beauty tip.

The stunning actress revealed that it was her Hollywood star mother, Goldie Hawn, who passed down the advice to her and she treasures her words.

Kate is the mirror image of her parent and added that happiness is all her mother wants for her and her two sons.

“My mom’s so great. She really is wonderful. The best beauty advice she’s given me is that being happy makes you look a little bit better. Happiness is what she’s most interested in for us and our bunch of boys,” she told the US edition of Glamour.

Kate also revealed she is not afraid to embrace her inner thrill-seeker when she is not filming.

The blonde beauty who gains style and beauty inspiration on her travels added where she would like to spend her next holiday, explaining there are still a number of must-see locations she hasn’t visited.

“I’ve bungee-jumped. I travel a lot, but I’ve never been to the Seychelles. And I’d love to go to Thailand,” she said. © COVER MEDIA