Karl Lagerfeld: Delayed birth causes latenessKarl Lagerfeld thinks he’s always late because he lost three weeks when he was born overdue.

The German designer has taken part in a video interview for Net-a-porter, in which he interviews himself. Two versions of Karl are seen in the promo, one who fires the questions and the other who answers. The designer is famous for being tardy, something he picks himself up on in the video.

“I’m always late because I’m patient with people beforehand. You know I was born three weeks later than my mother thought, I think those three weeks I never got them back,” he laughed.
Karl is then asked to describe himself in three words.

“I would like you to describe you, and I will tell you if you are really that way,” he says.

Interviewee Karl replies: “Myself in three words? No, I need more than that. It’s not that simple, what could I say? First of all I have no opinion, I am never happy with myself, I would give you of course a very flattering description but I’m not sure I will believe it’s more to make other people believe. I don’t deliver description of my person, you have what you see is all there is – nothing behind,” he said.

Karl also discusses the concept of muses, which is something he dislikes. “I hate that word because there is something not really nice in the word. I like to be surrounded by girls who are inspiring, but the word muse is very limited and then you cannot answer my giving one name because in fashion you are addressing everybody,” he says.

He is also scornful about people who ask for tips on how to be chic. The designer insists if a woman has to ask how to look like that, she has no hope of achieving the style as it is something you are born with. The promo is to promote Karl’s new cheaper collection, which is being sold on the website.