This is some epic real-life K-Drama. Last week, K-Idol Kim Hyun Joong got embroiled in a pregnancy scandal with his ex-girlfriend, the same one who reported him for assault just a year ago.

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Kim Hyun Joong in 2009, promoting a concert with group SS501

Apparently, the two got back together after his public apology, and broke up shortly after. Just as the two decided to end their relationship for good, a baby pops up, causing even more conflict between the two, their parents, and his entertainment agency.

Just last week, we reported on Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend, Ms Choi, releasing a transcript of text messages to the media, in which he might have threatened to kill her.

Following the release, his parents came out to explain their side of the story in an interview with Korean media outlet The Fact. In short, they had never meant to cast doubt on the girl’s pregnancy, but were getting frustrated at Ms Choi’s constant absence at hospital appointments that she had supposedly agreed to attend.

Apparently, the whole reason for wanting the hospital check up was because Hyun Joong’s father had heard of Ms Choi drinking alcohol despite being pregnant, and not knowing how to ask her about the incident directly.

Here’s what he said, translated to English: “I wanted to ask her ‘did you drink’, but because it wasn’t something I had actually witnessed, I had a hard time actually asking her that since if I asked her that then I’d have to tell her the name of the person who told me. That would cause this issue to get bigger and I thought she’d also be hurt by it, and I didn’t want to hurt someone who could potentially become a part of my family. But I think when I had mentioned to her ‘let’s check before it’s too late’, she misunderstood it as me implying ‘let’s go abort this baby before it gets bigger’. However, I have no such intentions at all. I actually only want to protect the baby.”

Oh, and people, get this. The girl was said to not have turned up for three hospital appointments – despite laying down her conditions – not just one.

Of course, such a huge response from Hyun Joong’s parents had partly neutralised public opinion of Hyun Joong. So Ms Choi’s lawyer immediately came out to say that Hyun Joong’s parents were not speaking the entire truth.

Part of his statement says this, “Ms. Choi relayed her stance on the pregnancy to Kim Hyun Joong multiple times already.  She sent a sufficient amount of documents, as well.  We no longer have anything to say on this; we merely find the opposing party’s claims to be a shame. There are also parts that Ms. Choi cannot unveil because of her right to privacy. Both sides need to meet and figure things out through conversation.  This is the time when an honest conversation is necessary.”

And just after appealing for a meeting between the two sides, Ms Choi and her lawyer decides to release the documents confirming her pregnancy.

As reported by Ms. Choi’s lawyer stated, “It’s true that my client is pregnant. She’s currently 4 months pregnant. I can tell you that around the time the child was conceived, [she and Kim Hyun Joong] were always together.” He also revealed documents from a health center detailing medical examinations and pregnancy tests, confirming that Ms. Choi is indeed with child.

Really now, is it entirely necessary to tell everyone when the child was conceived? Was it even necessary to bring out the documents?

For the entire time, both sides have been appealing for a meeting between the families to sort things out calmly. But surely, releasing document after document and publicly slamming each other doesn’t help the case, right?

Now, we all know that in cases like this, it’s in everyone’s personal interest to make statements that lean in their favour, especially since it’s been blown to this proportion. But, it’s so difficult to believe either side – just who is telling the truth?

Aren’t both sides making the situation worse by coming out to air their dirty laundry? When will this ever end?