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Hong Kong actress Josie Ho pays tribute to late father Stanley Ho

Hong Kong singer-actress Josie Ho, the daughter of Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho, has posted an online tribute to her father, who died on May 26 at the age of 98.

Over the weekend, she posted old photographs of her father at her wedding to Hong Kong actor and music producer Conroy Chan in Australia on social media.

The 45-year-old married Chan in 2003 in a horse-drawn carriage.

In her first public post about her father since his death, Ho recounted the day’s events and his words to her.

Ho, who does not have any children, wrote: “He helped to sort out the train of my dress and told me I looked beautiful.

“I turned back to him and pretended to be angry and said: ‘Daddy, you’re stepping on my wedding dress, it was custom designed for me, it’s very expensive, you gifted it to me’. He laughed and said sorry.”

She added: “As he walked me down the aisle, he told me softly that getting married is the start of a new chapter in life.”

She also recalled how she had always rejected her father when he wanted to appear at her film premieres and awards shows and how she had always avoided him and felt awkward when he did show up at her work events.

She said: “It was only at my wedding that I did not reject him. How I yearned to hold his arm when I got married.

“Daddy, thank you, you made every important moment of my life shine brighter.

“You walked me down the aisle that day and today, I will say a proper goodbye to you.”

She added: “I know you will be going somewhere faraway. You won’t be sick there and every day you can joke around happily. And one day, we will meet again.”

Josie Ho is the youngest daughter of the late Mr Ho and his second wife Lucina Lam.

She is known to be a rebellious heiress, singing rock songs onstage and playing prostitutes on screen.

But it was said that Mr Ho, who had 17 children with four wives, had a particular fondness for Josie Ho as he felt that her personality resembled his.

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