Photo: Jolin Tsai/Facebook 

Jolin Tsai is the epitome of confidence. But she wasn’t always this confident.

The Taiwanese pop diva, who just released a new album “Ugly Beauty”, will be the first to admit that self-love doesn’t come easily in the media industry and she expresses that and her thoughts on societal expectations of beauty in her new music video.


The dark times

Photo: Jolin Tsai/Facebook 

It might be surprising but there was a time when this pop diva was depressed (read about other celebrities who suffered from depression here).

When it happened, she revealed that she didn’t know that she had fallen into a depressed state, and she had even considered leaving the show business because she felt so sad and unhappy about herself.

Speaking to the Chinese media at the launch of her album “Ugly Beauty” in Beijing, the 38-year-old said: “I didn’t know what beautiful means. I look around and saw a lot of beautiful girls, but thought that I was the ugliest.”

Photo: Jolin Tsai/Facebook 

At one point in the early days of her career, she thought she looked fat even though she weighed only 45kg.

“I used to be called fat, seafood sauce, squid, my facial features were called strange…when I was walking down the street during that time, when people looked at me, I would think that everyone hated me,” she said.


Give yourself a break

Photo: Jolin Tsai/Facebook 

But things took a turn for the singer.

What helped the singer keep things positive? Positive affirmation.

Jolin now values the balance between her body and mind and doesn’t allow criticism of others to consume her.

She shared in the same press conference that she’s learnt not to be so hard on herself and not stress over her wardrobe choice for the day or criticism towards her music.

“I let myself have a break. I now value travel, and would always look forward to my next holiday,” she added.

Photo: Jolin Tsai/Facebook 

To bring the point home, Jolin released “Ugly Beauty,” that is as much about leaving the negativity she experienced in the past as it is about loving oneself.

In the music video, she revisits all of the things she has been criticized for and what she used to think about herself.

The star said that she owes her confidence to her past self and is excited for the future.

On her social media, she frequently posts motivational messages encouraging her followers to be kind to themselves (and we’ve got tips on how you can be kinder to yourself too).

In a recent Instagram post, the “Play” singer reminded her followers that: “When you learn to take care and love oneself, you will find that life becomes less complicated.”

We couldn’t agree more.