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If you haven’t seen Jocie Guo in quite some time, you’re not alone. After all, the 35-year-old Singaporean singer, who shot to fame in 2005 with her catchy songs like Mouse Loves Rice and No More Panic, has been off the radar for the past 11 years and it hasn’t been an easy journey for her.

In 2011, she had a health scare when her doctor told her that she might have a tumour. Thankfully, it turned out to be an ovarian cyst and she had it removed promptly.

Then in 2015, Jocie was embroiled in a confusion case between her and an infamous blogger who shares the same Chinese name Guo Meimei. The latter, who was known to flaunt her extravagant lifestyle on her Weibo (famous Chinese social media) account, confessed to participation in ‘sex trade’ as well as illegal gambling in China and was caught by the police. Because of this undesirable image, blogger Guo was highly criticised and despised by the Chinese netizens.

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In an unfortunate turn of events, many of the Chinese netizens (aka “haters”) had mistaken Jocie as the Chinese blogger and as a result, they rained insults on her and scolded her for the wrongdoings that she didn’t commit. This unlucky event had undoubtedly sadden Jocie but at the same time, she had learned more about her journey as a singer.   

“I realised from this incident that a lot of people were confused by the both of us,” Jocie says during a press conference held to launch her new album, My Name. “Even though I’ve been singing and performing for quite some time, the audiences still can’t seem to recognise my face.”

But all these misadventures haven’t caused Jocie to give up and lose interest in singing. After all, her singing passion started young. “When I was a kid, I once sang karaoke at my uncle’s house,” she recounts afterwards, in an exclusive interview with HerWorldPlus.

“He thought I sounded good and said I might want to be a singer. This sparked my interest in learning how to sing so I signed up for lessons at a music school when I was older.”


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Fast forward to now, the mandopop singer is ready to bid farewell to the bothersome past. She’s back with this new album, her first one since signing on as an artiste with record company Taihe Music. Unlike her previous albums which focused more on pop and dance hits, fans can expect her new tracks to be mostly ballads that tell her emotional journey thus far.

“There are a lot more songs in this album that deal with emotions as I felt emotional while recording the slower songs,” she shares. Speaking of ballads, Jocie has always favoured them over dance tracks which coincidentally were her former hits, Mouse Loves Rice and No More Panic.

“Before this album, I’d already told my record company that I prefer to sing slower songs,” Jocie tells HerWorldPlus. “Thankfully, I get to do that in this new album.”

After braving through these hardships, her loyal fans are relieved that she did not forgo her dream to become a financial consultant (which, as shared in HerWorldPlus’ video interview with her, was her other career option if singing did not work out).

It is a dream which she pursues without regret: “If I were to tell my future self one thing, it’d be, ‘You didn’t waste your time because you’ve chased after your dreams’,” she tells us in the video.

For more of her exclusive interview with HerWorldPlus, click play on the video above now.

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