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Actress Joanne Peh, who has not acted opposite husband Qi Yuwu since they got married in 2014, is open to sharing the screen with him again.

However, her other half is dead set against the idea.

In a teaser from an interview with UWeekly magazine, the 37-year-old actress said: “He is an actor whom I admire.”

The celebrity couple, who have two children, had acted opposite each other and sizzled in dramas before they tied the knot. Their last screen outing together was in 2014’s police drama C.L.I.F. 3.

In the interview, she revealed that Qi, 43, immerses himself in his roles and “filming with him often brings about unexpected emotions, which can be valuable”.

He also has no problems with her sex scenes with other actors, such as in Last Madame, where she had to bare it all with actor Jeff Chou in a boundary-pushing pivotal scene.

In fact, when she won Best Leading Female Performance – Digital at the recent Asian Television Awards in January, he even praised her professionalism and posted on Instagram: “So bloody proud of you.”

Peh, who is starring in drama Mind Jumper on meWatch, opened up further on her husband in a radio interview on 96.3 Hao FM on Tuesday.

Their paths had crossed before sparks flew and she had found him aloof and not very chatty, she said.

However, as he had grown up in a different environment in China, she realised he had “a way of thinking which was unconventional”, which opened her mind to new ideas.

She added: “This was also one of the many things which drew me to him.”

The couple will celebrate seven years of marriage this year and, nope, she is not at all concerned about the seven-year itch.

She said with confidence: “Not worried.”

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