Photo: Lollipop

Remember Singtel’s day-long broadband service disruption last Saturday (Dec 3)?

Well it seems like celebrities were not spared from connection issues either.

JJ Lin was seen playing popular online game DOTA 2 at a local LAN shop, reports Vulcan Post.

The popular Mandopop singer was spotted by netizen ZhangJLY who posted on Weibo:

“JJ Lin’s surfing the net next to me! This is his autograph and internet credentials!”

From the photos, netizens guessed that he was at the OASIS Netcafe at PoMo.

Another netizen who goes by the username Hokming posted photos of the star and stated that he was “playing DOTA”.

He noted that while fans were waiting outside the toilet for the star, they did not disturb him while he was playing games.

The reason for JJ Lin choosing to game in a LAN shop is unknown but many suspect that he cannot live without WiFi either.


The original version of this story was published in Lollipop on December 9, 2016.

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