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Singer JJ Lin was recently invited to a press conference for a song composing competition, where he was asked about the rumours surrounding him and the “Kaohsiung girl”.

When reporters asked if his mother had seen the girl, JJ went silent for a moment before replying, “She has seen her from your reports.”

JJ also revealed that having a relationship was not easy as he was a workaholic, and he also added that he and the “Kaohsiung girl” were just friends, reports Asianpopnews.

He fumed that many media outlets had twisted his words in reporting that he had admitted to a relationship with the “Kaohsiung girl”.

On May 10, JJ wrote an angry post on his Facebook, “The words that I did not say actually became a headline. The things I said became twisted too. When I reveal my inner thoughts and feelings, do me a favour. Please give me the appropriate respect, alright?”


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