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Image: warnermusic.com

TAIPEI – Sporting a bruised left ear, Singapore singer JJ lin on Thursday returned to the scene where a Taiwan rapper attacked him.

Continuing with the autograph session that was disrupted two hours earlier when the man punched him on his head, Lin said he was okay.

“I’m all right. My left ear is a little bruised and swollen. I don’t know who the man is,” Apple Daily quoted him as saying.

He was promoting his new album, Genesis.

He produced a certificate from National Taiwan University Hospital that said he suffered from contusions on his left ear.

The document said he was at the hospital on Thursday afternoon for 14 minutes.

His record company Warner Music Taiwan said Lin was sent to hospital after the attack to ensure that he was not concussed, and the singer was advised to observe his condition over the next 72 hours for signs of any concussion.

Warner will be sueing the rapper, who calls himself Pony Chen, over the incident, it is reported.

Chen, 32, is said to belong a Taipei underground rap group whose music mostly revolves around the condition of the lower strata of the society. He is also known for his disorderly behaviour, reported Apple.

He reportedly told police after he was arrested: “JJ can be famous, so why can’t I too? And the songs I write are better than his.

“Now that I’ve been photographed, I’m also famous. So my records will sell well.”

Leaving the police station later, he said he is not a fan.

“I’m a mad man. Wish JJ happy new year and peace always,” he said.

After posting bail, Chen posted an 11-minute clip of the attack on Facebook that showed him walking on the stage and lunging fiercely at Lin who was seated at a table.

His comment read: “With this punch, I punched out a whole lot of bullsh*t issues on deviated social values. It’s worth it.”

The post was “liked” by nearly 3,000 people just before his Facebook page was made inaccessible on Friday afternoon.

Some praised his action, with one user writing, “Feels great to see that punch” and another saying, “You are indeed the master”.

Others chastised him, with one commenting, “Do you think this is cool? This is too laughable and evil. Want to be famous? Dream on.”

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