Image: Lollipop

JJ Lin and Jam Hsiao are said to be competing to be the number one brother in Warner Music.

According to, both singers will be performing at a Christmas countdown show but will not be performing on the same day.

JJ will be performing in the first show on December 16 while Jam will be singing at the last show on the third day and will not be sharing the same stage with JJ at all.

JJ had shared a photo of himself travelling with Jam’s arch enemy, Yuki while in the United States recently.

The Japanese fan had made headlines for her obsession with Jam and fell out with the singer after harassing him in the middle of the night to deliver soup to him.

She is now said to have directed her admiration towards JJ and is part of his entourage travelling around the United States.

She also reportedly invested money for a film starring JJ.

The Taiwanese media speculated that JJ’s affiliation to Yuki was awkward for Jam, contributing to the rumours that they had fallen out.

However, Warner Music has responded that the duo are not on bad terms.

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