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South Korean actor Ji Chang Wook, who will be enlisting in the army for national service this year, need not worry about not being able to keep up with younger platoon mates.

The 29-year-old’s physical fitness appears to be in fine form in the new action movie Fabricated City, in which he plays a gamer wrongfully convicted for a crime he did not commit and has to break out of prison.

He is seen pummelling adversaries, as well as engaging in gun fights and car chases.


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Korea Herald reported that he executed his own stunts.

Fabricated City may be the last in the action genre for a while for the actor, who carved a name as an action star in K-drama series Healer (2014) and K2 (2016).

He said, in an e-mail interview with The Straits Times, that he would like to diversify his roles.

He said: “Action roles require a lot of extreme hard work. I like action, but I think I may take a break from the genre. It is just an image, I would go anywhere that has good parts.”


Instagram: @jichangwook


His next project is legal romance comedy Suspicious Partner.

Fans are expecting sparks to fly between him and female co-star Nam Ji Hyun.

He said the drama, which he is currently filming, “crosses multiple genres – mystery, romance and comedy”.

“My character used to be a prosecutor and became a lawyer. I will be portrayed in a slightly different light from my past works.”

Suspicious Partner could be his final project before he enters national service on a date which has yet to be announced.

What would the bachelor like to do before saying goodbye to civilian life for two years?

He said: “I get asked such questions a lot nowadays. I would like to have a good time on the set with the staff and cast. If time permits, I would like to travel.”

In a previous interview, he revealed an adventurous streak, expressing his wish to go on a motorcycle trip with his friends before national service.

Ji told The Straits Times: “I like the feeling of riding a motorcycle. I will enjoy the ride even more if I take it with my loved ones.”

•Fabricated City is in cinemas.


This story first appeared on The Straits Times print edition, 21 April 2017.