Image: Lollipop

Edison Chen got tongues wagging when he posted a shocking rant on his Weibo about Lin Chi-ling on July 27.

In his first post, the actor-turned-businessman shared a photo of Lin with the caption: “This b**** is so ugly man, and she smells like s***”. He remained cryptic as to what sparked off his stream of vicious posts but it was enough to get netizens to go into detective mode.

One of the most popular theories was that Lin Chi-ling had offended model Qin Shupei, who is supposedly dating Edison, by getting her kicked off a show.

Several celebrities have spoken up for her after the saga including her former boyfriend Jerry Yan. According to, he said: “Chi-ling is a very kind and filial person. It must be a misunderstanding.”

Taiwanese producer Ciu Li-Kwan found the matter ridiculous and suspected that Edison’s Weibo had been hacked. She said: “If it was really him, let me tell you, Taiwanese artistes are not easily bullied. Moreover, it is Chi-ling! You better don’t appear in Taiwan. I promise I will beat you whenever I see you!”

Chi-ling’s manager expressed that they would not take any legal action against Edison and said: “The words are not pleasant, but Ms Lin Chi-ling is a very cultured person. She is very tolerant to Mr Chen.”