Television stars Ruby Lin and Jerry Yan have refuted a report that she took him home for a hot winter night.

On Wednesday, Next Magazine said Lin, 39, and Yan, 38, shared a taxi to her building in Taipei at about 1am on Dec 13, after having dinner with a group of female entertainers including Chen Mei-fen (sub: she spells it fen) and Pauline Lan. The report said an expressionless Yan had looked like the odd man out at the dinner, before Lin appeared, livened up the party and chatted to him intimately.

Lin’s and Yan’s agents said the actor was visiting his fellow F4 member Vic “Zaizai” Chou, who lives in the same building as the actress.

Her agent told Apple Daily: “That night, Jerry said he would go to Zaizai’s, so he took the same taxi, but the boy went to Zaizai’s and the girl went back to her own home, she didn’t even go to Zaizai’s.”

His agent said the two were friends.

Chen, the rumoured matchmaker, said she was trying to get the two together professionally. She told Apple Daily: “Mainly, Jerry hasn’t worked in Taiwan for too long. I want to match Yan with Lin to work together.”

If they do get together romantically, she added, she will “let them develop it privately”.


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