Taiwanese actor-singer Jerry Yen has hinted at the possibility of rekindling old flames with former girlfriend and supermodel Lin Chiling. The pair broke up shortly after Lin fell off a horse in 2005 and Yen had reportedly chided her for not being able to protect herself well. According to Apple Daily, Yen was also apparently jealous of Lin’s close relationship with businessman Qiu Shi Kai.
Since the pair broke up, Yen had been involved in a other romantic entanglements, but is currently single. He told reporters at a press conference in his new Chinese drama My Best Ex-Boyfriend, that it was his inferiority complex and poor background that affected his ability to express love and concern in his relationships. 

The breakup was so bad that Lin claimed she would never get back together with Yen. However, years after the split, when the 41-year-old was asked at a recent event in Shenzhen, if she sees herself back with Yen, she appeared positively open. According to My Paper today (Dec 14), Lin said: “I don’t know, I would like to ask him.”

Yen, who got wind of Lin’s comment, said that he was awaiting good news. The 38-year-old even said that unlike in previous relationships where he would shy away from media attention, he would go public with his relationship this time when he finds the right person.

Meanwhile, netizens have declared support at the possible reconciliation, with some even declaring that they should not give up on this opportunity.