Eagle-eyed fans of Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jay Chou spotted that he had doctored a photo of his wife’s belly, sparking speculation that he had done it to conceal a pregnancy.

The possibility of a third child for Chou, 41, and Hannah Quinlivan, 27, who married in 2015, sent fans into a frenzy as they scrutinised the group photo from a New Year’s Eve celebration that he posted on Instagram on Jan 1.

The couple have a three-year-old son Romeo and a five-year-old daughter Hathaway. He is known for doting on his wife, who is an actress and model.

Comparing the post to a similar one posted by a friend, it is obvious that Chou’s photo had been altered to slim down her waist.

In the process of amateur photo manipulation, the table leg behind her was also visibly distorted.

In the friend’s photo, there was a noticeable bump under Quinlivan’s belted trenchcoat.

Apple Daily Taiwan noted that her last public appearance was in November last year. At that time, she had been spotted with a hint of a belly.

She had also spoken previously of wanting to have three children.

However, to the disappointment of his followers, his agent has since spoken to quash the baby rumours: “It’s just that the clothes are too big.”

Guess it was not a baby bump, just a food baby after the holiday feasting.

This article was first published in The Straits Times.