Iris Apfel thinks modern celebrities look like they’ve “rolled in the mud”.

The 91-year-old fashion icon prides herself on looking her best when she leaves the house. This usually entails slicking on make-up and her iconic over-sized circular glasses, piling bangles up her arm and donning some kind of patterned outfit.

She wishes other people in the public eye took as much care with their appearance.

“Don’t get me started. I’ll go off on a toot. They look like they rolled in the mud. Grooming is a thing of the past,” she fumed to

The star was also critical of people who aren’t in the public spotlight. While she abhors the overly made-up style of New York City socialites, everyday people often get it wrong in her eyes too.

“There’s no glamour or mystery anymore. [The ladies who lunch are] superficial – and I’m not interested in what they babble. It sounds like a barnyard,” she said. “[They like to be] all carved up [with plastic surgery]. They’re 70 years old and they will never look like they’re 27.

“[With the masses] the fatter they are the tighter the jeans. Not to mention the flip-flops. It’s not pretty.”

Iris gets bored by a lot of the fashion industry and turns down most of the invites she receives. She doesn’t go to balls or parties and struggles with trade events as people always swarm round her.

The star is also unsure of the internet and has decided against learning how to use social media websites.

“Social media is all crazy to me. I don’t know why people are so nosy and insecure, wanting others to know where they eat, what they like, where they go,” she said. – COVER MEDIA