Known for putting his body through extreme weight fluctuations, Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming recently showed off a buff bod for an upcoming role.

The 43-year-old actor went topless on Weibo, causing fans to swoon over his washboard abs, a stark contrast from his gaunt physique just a couple of months ago.

Then, he had lost 12kg for his role in upcoming movie A Cover-Up, in which he plays a night-shift taxi driver.

His drastic weight-loss took a toll on his health, he revealed last December, leading to heart problems.

While on set, he reportedly felt so weak that he had to lie down on a prop cart and request that director Dong Yue allowed him a few minutes to rest.

He had joked that his diet was as follows: “For breakfast, fresh air. For lunch, pure water. For dinner, gentle moonlight.”

His dedication to getting into a role also extended to getting chubby and gaining 7kg in 2013’s American Dreams In China.

He is married to model-actress Angelababy and they have a four-year-old son, but he most definitely does not have a dad bod.

Right after filming wrapped for A Cover-Up last month, he began hitting the gym in earnest and the results are making netizens drool.

One commenter wrote: “He looks slim with clothes on, but muscular with clothes off. This kind of figure is too good.”