“The louder you scream, the better. I like to know you’re having a good time and enjoying me inside you.”
– Terence*, 27, stage designer

“Play with yourself once in a while during foreplay or when I’m inside you. Touch yourself or play with your nipples. Seeing you enjoying yourself is hot, even hotter with toys.” – Jaden*, 27, self-employed

How to please your man in bed DECOR

“Breathe into my ear and beg me to go faster and harder.” – A. Ho, 33, chef

“Talk dirty. It stimulates more than just my ears.” – Tim*, 30, lawyer

“Wrap your legs around my waist and pull me towards you. The intimacy turns me on and makes me feel wanted.” – J.D., 25, copywriter

“Be creative in bed, suggest new moves like role-playing. I’m willing to please you like a slave. Just tell me what to do.” – J. E. Wong 26, real estate specialist

“Take it all off. I like you waxed and clean.” – Adrian T., 29, financial adviser

“Tell me when you’re going to come so I’ll know when to maintain or speed up.” – Andrew H., 25, graphic designer

“Be willing to learn new moves from me and listen when I tell you to be in certain positions that will please me. I promise you a good time if you do.” – Mervin G., 32, finance officer

“Take the initiative in bed. Don’t just lie there and let me direct you. I like to know you’re just as into it as I am.”
– D. Yong, 29, bartender

“Shower me with kisses all over my body – my ears, lips and inner thighs. And let me do it back to you – ears, lips, inner thighs and everything in between.” – R. Lin, 30, lawyer

“I’m the Alpha male. You don’t always have to be on top. Just let yourself go and I’ll take care of everything.”
– J. Liao, 33, bar manager

“Hold me as tight as you can and dig your nails into my back.” – George*, 25, footballer

“Walk around naked. Seeing you perfectly comfortable around me revs me up and tells me you’re not afraid to be yourself.” – G. Quan, 31, auditor

“Use me as your toy to reach orgasm. Push yourself against me while I’m down on you and move yourself against my mouth.” – Nick S., 33, restaurant manager

*Not their real names

First published in Her World magazine February 2012 issue.