Credit: Instagram/jesssseca

Local celebrity couple Jeremy Chan and Jesseca Liu, who tied the knot three years ago, proved that they’re still happily married. Their secret to their happy marriage? It could be due to Jeremy’s ability to read his wife’s emotions like an open book.

Is there a particular technique to it? Turns out, it’s not rocket science.

“You just need to understand the other party, then you’ll be able to read her every word and action,” Jeremy shared with 8world in a recent interview where he was promoting his upcoming Channel 8 drama SuperDad. “Besides, I’ve always been more of the attentive type, so I tend to think ahead.”

From preparing her meals to even how he speaks, Jeremy has got it all down to a T.

On days when Jesseca, 41, gets off work in the afternoon, the 39-year-old takes time to prepare lunch for her, meticulously cooking noodles and soup separately so that she can choose what she wants to have for her meal.

And when she reaches home, all it takes is a look at her expression and actions for Jeremy to understand how she’s feeling that day.

He added: “If she’s unhappy, I can definitely tell!”

He would then start the conversation casually, asking her about her day, her work and if anything happened, before slowly comforting her.

His knack for understanding his wife hasn’t gone unnoticed. Back when they got married, Jesseca commented: “He reads me well and complements areas where I’m lacking.”

She also once revealed how Jeremy would always be the first to apologise after a disagreement, even if she had already forgotten what they disagreed about.

There is still one more ‘ultimate move’ he’s yet to test out though, Jeremy confessed, thanks to Jesseca’s mild temper.

“If the other party is really upset, when you’re comforting them, you have to be even more agitated and angrier. Then, express your support and agreement, that way they’ll feel like there’s no need to be that worked up,” he shared.

“Just make sure you’ve got a good grasp [on the situation], don’t just give a perfunctory answer.”

This article was first published in AsiaOne.