Image: Tiffany Hwang / Instagram

Tiffany from Girls’ Generation shared her beauty know-how and a passion for acting in an interview after a photo shoot with fashion magazine InStyle.

When asked how to maintain her smooth skin, she shared some tips with the magazine.

“I remove dead skin cells with a power-type peeling product once a week,” she said, adding, “I also regularly visit a dermatologist. I used to go there only when I had a skin problem but now I try to see the doctor every 10 days.”

The 26-year-old singer also said she wants to pursue an acting career more seriously in the future.

“I have auditioned for roles in various films overseas during the last two years although I was not able to join due to other schedules,” she said, adding, “Now, I want to be more serious about acting and hope to work in a good project.”

Her full interview and more photos can be seen in the magazine’s March issue.


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