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There’s a reason the term ‘breakup diet’ exists – splitting from someone usually wreaks havoc on your body as well as your mind. You’ll most likely eat less, sleep less and go out less. It’s normal to take some time to pick yourself up, but there are steps you can take to make this process as quick and pain-free as possible.

1. Avoid bad-mouthing

Of course you will want to vent – especially if things ended badly, such as a partner cheating. But avoid saying nasty things about your ex in the heat of the moment, particularly around mutual friends. In fact, steer clear of anyone you are both close to, as it could be a little awkward for everyone involved. If you really need to let off steam, write it down and tear it up or speak to someone you completely trust, like a parent or very close friend. If any bad-mouthing got back to your ex, it would just cause animosity.

2.  Stay off social media

We mean it. No passive aggressive status updates or stalking. It’s a huge Facebook and Twitter no-no: posting about a breakup. Most people would know not to write direct references to the ex or what happened, but even little hints like cryptic heartbreak lyrics are pointless. It will just cause people to speculate and get involved in something that should be private. Similarly, don’t keep checking your former lover’s pages. Photos of them on a wild night out or flirtatious messages could cause you to angrily confront them, when really it’s not your business anymore. If need be, block them for a while or abstain from social media while your heart heals.

3.  Take care of yourself

Those first few days will be hard: you might binge eat or not eat at all. You might sleep all day or find it impossible to switch off. But you are your biggest priority now and your health is what’s important. Talk as much as you need to, cook healthy meals and remember this is a fresh start as much as the end of something. If you’ve wanted to join a gym for a while, then do it now, or dye your hair that colour if you’ve always wanted to try.

4.  Don’t get even

Seeking revenge is a natural reaction if a breakup doesn’t go well. Whatever they did to hurt you will be so raw in those first few weeks, you’ll probably fantasise about making them feel as bad as you did. But now is the time to be a bigger person. Anything you do to try and get even will never have the desired effect. If you’re honest with yourself, it’s you who needs to feel better, not them who needs to feel worse. Focus on doing things you love – it will help your triumph in the end.

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