Father’s’ Day is just round the corner, so we’ve decided to put together a list of hot celebrity dads who make parenting look so good!


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1. Christopher Lee (李铭顺)
I can’t think of a time where Lee didn’t make it to a hot Asian daddies list. The family looks absolutely blissful and happy together. 


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2. Qi Yu Wu (戚玉武)
Looks like Qi was a big winner this year! Shortly after being “promoted” to father status 10 months ago, he went on to win two of the most coveted awards at Star Awards 2016. 

3. Wu Chun (吴尊)
It’s hard to believe that this fitness buff is a proud father of two! We can’t help but be envious of his son Max and daughter Neinei. 


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4. Jimmy Lin (林志颖)
Every 90s girl’s high school throb is now 41 years young, but he doesn’t look like he has aged a day since his debut at 17. He participated in the show “Daddy where are you” with his adorable daughter, and had a pair of twins joining his blissful family!

5. Shiou Chieh Kai (修杰楷)
Being together with a divorced mother of one who’s nine years older than him is no easy feat. We applaud this loving couple for their love and strength. True love knows no boundaries! They now have a daughter together, adorably named Bubu. 


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6. Andie Chen (陈邦鋆)
The other hot young father who rivals Christopher Lee’s status as reigning Dad in the Singapore scene is Andie Chen. He’s always seen sharing heartwarming pictures of his kids and his wife, Kate Pang. 


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7. Ricky Kim
Korean-American actor Ricky Kim was in Singapore earlier this month to attend an event with his adorable kids and wife. The event floor was packed to the brim, so I’m sure the crowd can’t get enough of him!


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8. You Sheng (宥胜)
After suddenly announcing his marriage plans two years ago, the Taiwanese multi-hyphenate has risen the ranks and is now a father of one. Known for his love for traveling, he now brings his child and wife along on all his adventures. 

This story is adapted from Nuyou was published on www. nuyou.com.sg on June 13, 2016.