Double the personality, twice the fun. That’s the tagline for Korean heartthrob Hyun Bin’s new TV show Hyde, Jekyll, Me which is premiering in Singapore on February 25, at 8:55pm on channel One.

Hot Korean star Hyun Bin talks about being perfect DECOR 1All suited up: Hyun Bin in a scene from his new TV show

The story is exactly as you’re imagining – Hyun Bin plays the main character who has a split personality; his love interest is Hyeri from K-Pop group Girl’s Day (a hot up-and-coming star) and there’s a third wheel in the form of popular actor and model Sung Joon.

Hot Korean star Hyun Bin talks about being perfect DECOR 2Nice Hyun Bin; nasty Hyun Bin in a scene from the new show

So far, so K-Drama. But this show was based on the super popular webcomic Dr. Jekyll is Mr. Hyde by Lee Choong Ho and there’s lots of oddity based on the fact that it’s set in a theme park called Wonderland (yes, really).

Hot Korean star Hyun Bin talks about being perfect DECOR 3Romantic Hyun Bin in a scene with Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

Still, Hyun Bin can act … And he looks hot. So what more do we want?


Q: On a scale of 100, how perfect do you think you are?
HB: Hmmm… I would say 30? I am still working on the other 70. (laughs)

Q: Tell us something we don’t know about you.
HB: I was part of a swimming team when I was much younger. There was even a fan club, and that was before my television debut. I received some chocolates and fans letters then, too.

Q: What would you do if you are not acting?
HB: I have always wanted to be a policeman. I wanted to go to the police academy before I pursued the dream of being an actor.

Q: You can sing and dance. Do you have any plans to release any albums?
HB: No, not at the moment at least. I plan to dedicate my time to acting, which is my first love. I only sing and dance to entertain my fans.

Q: Would you date a non-Korean woman?
HB: Why not? But I need to ask my parents for their opinion too.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me premiers on  February 25, at 8.55pm. It airs every Wednesday & Thursday, on ONE (Singtel TV 513/604 and StarHub TV Ch 820/823/124). You can follow Hyun Bin on Facebook at and Twitter at @withhyunbin.