The wedding photos of Hong Kong actors Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung taken a year ago have been circulating online as people just can’t get enough of their romantic shots and the touching story behind the couple.

Even though there are only around 10 photos, it was enough to showcase the great love between the couple. Julian was decked out in a sleek black suit, while wife Anita, 44, looked regal in a laced gown with sleeves and a petite tiara embellishing her hair.

The shots gave a brief look at their behind-the-scenes wedding preparation and the most endearing ones were of their cheekier photos – exemplifying their kooky and off-beat personalities.

The pair got legally married in 2001 and have one son, Morton.

Little is known about their personal life, but from a video interview, Anita revealed that they did not take wedding photos back in the day. The proposal was speculated to be a casual one by Chinese media.

Last January, Julian, 44, posted photos of a wedding shoot with Anita on his Facebook page. Shocked fans quickly flooded his page with questions, asking if it was real.

Two months later in March, their touching wedding proposal was televised, which showed Julian setting up a surprise proposal to Anita at the end of a Chinese reality programme they were filming together.

If you were thinking it would be a romantic candlelight dinner, the actual event was a little more casual and sneaky.

Former Miss Hong Kong contestant Anita was with her crew on location of filming while a hidden camera recorded her getting surprised by random strangers coming up to her and giving her flowers at a public square. 

The 44-year-old actress was visibly confused and shocked with the flower presentation. And as she was led away to find her husband, her crew and friends suddenly formed a flash mob and performed in front of her.

Laughing and crying, she shouted at her friends: “You guys are trying to prank me! Don’t be so bad!”

After the song ended, Anita thanked the dancers and was getting up to leave when the crowd parted into two lines.

Actress Vicki Zhao turned up and walked up to her carrying a bunch of pink roses and finally, Julian walked up to her with a smoldering gaze.

The gaze broke into a boyish smile and Julian took out a ring and said: “I will take good care of our family”.


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