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Image: L’Oréal Professionnel

If there’s one thing Korean artiste agencies are known for, it has got to be the amount of micromanagement that goes into every celebrity event.

So of course a “try our luck” request for a photo with Korean actress Yoon Eun Hye was politely – but flatly – rejected by her management.

It came complete with regretful frowns and bows as we were ushered out of the hotel room.

But barely before we could take 10 steps down the corridor, we were hurriedly called back in by her management. “She feels bad,” they said, and we got our photo, a hug even.

This is why Eun Hye is an A-lister, a colleague turned around to say.

While Eun Hye bears a lot of resemblance to the typical female Korean star – the perfectly poised, multi-talented girl who looks well under her actual age – you won’t find the usual well-rehearsed answers or occasional displays of boredom that some celebrities can be prone to.

Case in point: In a press conference for the L’Oreal Professionnel brand ambassador’s visit, local host Pornsak had engaged in rather lively, though at times sarcastic, banter with Eun Hye.

Even as she glossed through a “sensitive” question about fellow personality Kim Jong Kook – teased for his supposed affection of her on a now-defunct reality television show from about a decade ago – the actress showed no sign of displeasure.

But what impressed us most was her reaction to Pornsak when he reached over to tug at the hem of her dress after she had commented on it being a little too short for the stage. We could hear the entire room gasp – that’s one thing you should not do to a Korean star.

Eun Hye showed slight discomfort, but stood at her spot and remained calm, even reaching out to shake his hand before leaving the stage.

We got to see more of Eun Hye’s personality during our interview.

The self-professed beauty junkie sat right beside us and spoke at length about her personal beauty tips, listing down points and pausing every few sentences to make sure the translator got what she said.

They’re surprisingly quick and easy to do, and her skin serves as perfect evidence of how effective her tips are. It was poreless, plump and had a translucent quality to it; you could tell that it was not a look achieved with makeup.

And for the rest of the session, well, you already know.

It’s not the most flattering picture – the bunch of us look incredibly short and well, less V-shaped, beside Eun Hye and her five-inch heels – and the agreement was to keep it offline, but it goes to show that not all Korean celebrities and their agencies are as nasty as they seem to be.

Eun Hye, you’re an A-lister all right.

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