Helena Christensen likes mysterious modelsHelena Christensen would like to keep some “mystery” around the original supermodels.

The model has reunited with some of the other famous faces from her era for Duran Duran’s new music promo for Girl Panic. Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigová, Yasmin Le Bon and Cindy Crawford also appear in the video, and Helena remains amused about why people are still so interested in them.

“I don’t know [why people care so much]. Maybe we shouldn’t delve into it. It’s probably better to keep some mystery around it,” she laughed.

“Well we’ve been back together again a lot lately, so it’s not even like it’s such exciting news anymore. But being with the girls for me, on a personal level, is very special. They really are special unique women. They have great senses of humour and great hearts and they did so well with their lives it really makes me proud of them because I’ve known them for 20 years.”

In the ten minute promo Helena has to look as if she’s suffering after a night of partying. It was surprisingly easy for her to do so as she was so tired during the shoot.

“I had to act wasted which was easy to do after not having slept all night on a plane. It was a lot of fun. It really was,” she told fashionista.com.

“I saw the video literally for the first time an hour ago so I’m still digesting. I think Jonas [Akerlund, director] did a great job. It’s different from what I thought it would be because there’s all the dialogue. I thought it would be like an actual video.” © COVER MEDIA