Jay Chou has been abstaining from sex since dating Hannah! b.png

Questionably adorkable style, unquestionably romantic dude

If the latest revelations are legit, Chairman Chou deserves all the adulation from his army of supporters, and then some.

Here’s what we’ve learnt: Our beloved Mandopop prince hasn’t had sex for well, as long as he’s been seeing Hannah Quinlivan.

Addressing the press at a packed promo junket for his latest album, Jay was curiously candid; drunk on love, perhaps?

Quizzed on Hannah’s assertion that she would remain “chaste” until her wedding, Jay was reported to have said: “That’s right. We have to learn from Will Liu.” Sidebar: Will Liu (劉畊宏) is an ex-boyband member who was famously celibate for four years.

Also confirmed: Yes, the hugely hyped proposal did take place in London, on old-school bent knee and finished off with fireworks.

Debunked: Rumours that said proposal was at Hyde Park. Pressed about the existence of photos of him on the garden grounds, Jay says nay: “I was chased by fans that day, and in the end, I took some photos with them. I didn’t expect them to post the photos. They thought that I had proposed there. There were so many people there. How could it be possible?”

Asked to describe future Mrs Chou’s reaction that day, Jay said: “Any sentimental person would cry.” Aww, sweet.

As if all this weren’t enough to cement Jay’s burgeoning rep as sweetest dude ever, get this: He’s yearning for children of his own to coddle: “I am the only son, and I feel lonely during Christmas. I want to have five kids to form a band. In future, Christmas will be very lively.”

Swoon. As per his new album’s title: Aiyo, Not bad (哎呦,不錯哦)!

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