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They grow up so fast, don’t they. It’s hard to believe it but Prince George has just turned two this week, on July 22! And it seems that the “terrible twos” do apply to royals too. In a recent video interview, proud dad Prince William admitted that the cute young prince really is like “a little monkey”.

However irascible he may be with his family, you can’t deny that he’s still as adorable as ever. Look back with us at some of his cutest photos so far.

#1 His best smile at sister’s big day

Happy birthday Prince George: See all of his cutest photos so far!

Image: Mario Testino/ Art Partner

He practically steals the attention away from baby sister Princess Charlotte, even on her christening day. In this new official photo by Mario Testino, the young prince beams; possibly one of the most smiley pics of him we’ve seen so far. As huge a grin as his may be, this photo does hint at how much of “monkey” he can be, as he struggles just a touch in Prince William’s arms.

#2 The sibling cuddle

Seriously, we could look at any of these photos all day. It’s the first time he’s been pictured together with his baby sister; in one shot, the photogenic (and photo-ready) young prince gives a sweet peck on Princess Charlotte’s forehead.

#3 His Christmas pics

The mischievous prince wore a super twee Cath Kidston vest for these festive photos, looking ever wide-eyed and curious. And oh, those pinchable cheeks!

#4 That family photo

Happy birthday Prince George: See all of his cutest photos so far!

 Image: Kensington Palace/ Jason Bell

Photogenic parents, check. Loyal family dog, check. While the eight month-old did not yet have his famed golden curls back then, he still looks picture-perfect but just slightly distracted by his pet labrador Lupo in this official family pic. The photo was taken ahead of the royal family’s official tour to Australia and New Zealand, where the young Prince basically causing an avalanches of ‘aww’s with every appearance that he made.

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