Every year, a batch of stars enlist in the Korean military for their mandatory service.

This year, some of the biggest stars of 2015 are ready to enlist for “that time of their lives.”

1. Yoo Ah-in

Image: Instagram 

Top-actor Yoo Ah-in might shed his perfect hair and take a break from his career this year. He is currently 31 years old (Korean age) and the clock is ticking fast.

In Korea, a child is considered 1 year old at the time of birth, making the “Korean age” up to two years higher than the age calculated globally.

2. Lee Seung-Gi

Image: Instagram

Another beloved actor, Lee Seung-Gi, is in the last stages of filming upcoming movie, “Marital Harmony,” alongside actress Shin Eun-kyung. He is also preparing for enlistment and has formed a tight schedule for this year before his leave.

3. Joo Won

Image: Osen

With his award-winning performance in 2015, actor Joo Won will entered his thirties in 2016. Time is running out for him as well, so he must decide when to serve.

As the gifted trio are planning to leave their fans temporarily, Yoo Seung-ho and Song Joong-ki have come back to fill the empty spot and grace fans with their presence on-screen. So brace yourself for the new “goodbyes” and “hellos” in 2016.


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