Gwyneth Paltrow, 38 – who is famed for her toned body – portrays a fallen star in the drama movie Country Strong, which centres around a rising country-music songwriter.

Gwyneth was required to look less toned than normal for the part, which she admits made her nervous.

The gorgeous star feels that she still hasn’t regained her figure completely. 

“At first I was a bit panicked about it, so I’d start working out a little bit. A lot of people lie the other way and say, ‘Yeah I work out five times a week,’ when they actually don’t, whereas I was saying, ‘No, no. I didn’t work out,’ when actually I was on the treadmill,” she told new! magazine.

“But it wasn’t until we were finishing the movie that my body completely fell apart. I do this great workout method – the Tracy Anderson Method – so my body was doing OK right up until the end.

"Then it just started falling to pieces, so now I am left with bulging problems.”

Gwyneth has admitted in the past that she is a massive fan of pasta. The star has revealed that because of her love of carbohydrates, she has to work extra hard at maintaining her body.

“Exercise! Painful, horrible, long exercise. I know from experience that there are no free rides in this world,” she added. © COVER MEDIA