With nine gorgeous leggy girls in the group, it’s not difficult to find one you really like.

Well, that’s probably the strategy that Baby-G is going for.

Whether you’re a fan of stylish girls like Jessica, Soo Young and Tiffany, athletic-looking girls like Hyoyeon, Yuri and Taeyeon, cutesy girls like Sunny or the girls-next-door like Yoona or Seo Hyun, chances are, there is at least one you can identify with.

The brand, popular with young women, have chosen the girl group to front their upcoming campaigns, thanks to their versatility – appearing on films, drama series, commercials – in addition to their singing duties.

Baby-G, the shock-resistant watch for women, have always been known to be ahead of trends – featuring solar-powered systems, neon illuminators and an exciting spectrum of colours – making it the perfect fashion accessory.

So, it’s only natural that the brand is fronted by girl group members who are seen as style icons in their own right, always pushing the boundaries when it comes to fashion.

Girls’ Generation will represent the face of the brand in eleven countries, including Singapore, China and Korea. Their campaign begins August 1, 2012 and we can’t wait to check out their campaign images!