Giorgio Armani: I look like Ethan HawkeGiorgio Armani would like Ethan Hawke to play him in a biopic.

The Italian fashion designer has given an interview to Harper’s Bazaar magazine, in which he touches on many different subjects.

Asked if he’s ever thought about who could play him in a movie about his life, Giorgio admitted having the perfect candidate.

“Hmmm, do you mean physically or psychologically?” he initially mused. “Physically, I think Ethan Hawke looks like me.”

The fashion designer also opened up about his wardrobe. He admitted having “hundreds” of T-shirts, although they are all made of blue fabric.

The 77-year-old didn’t give much away when it came to his inspirations. He didn’t reveal which other designers he looks up to, only saying his main source of stimulus is himself.

Giorgio was coy when it came to discussing nicknames.

He admitted only one person has ever come up with a pet name for him, something he’s glad of.

“My mother called me Giorgino,” he admitted. “No [no one calls me it now], I hate it.” © COVER MEDIA