Giles Deacon believes his travelling schedule would make any girl “dump” him.

The British fashion designer is known in the industry for his playful designs and high-profile celebrity clients.

Giles splits his time between London, Paris and Italy, meaning his hectic career can make it difficult to hold down a relationship.

“Really I’ve been too busy working on my collection for the past eight years,” he admitted to British magazine Grazia.

“I think I’d get dumped in a minute as soon as a girl saw my travel schedule.”

In the past, Giles has dated stylist Katie Grand and former model Sophie Dahl.

The fashion mogul knows exactly what his type is when it comes to ladies.

“I’ve always gravitated to women with strong characters,” he revealed.

“I’m sure I’ve missed tons of lovely wallflowers, but I like girls who give you a good run for your money.” – COVER MEDIA