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Gavin Teo (left) had been dating Chen Yixin for about two years, but they only confirmed their romance and went Instagram official in March.


Celebrity couple Gavin Teo and Chen Yixin have revealed juicy details of their relationship in their first couple interview.

Chen, 21, who is the daughter of veteran actress Xiang Yun and former actor Edmund Chen, had been dating Teo, 26, for about two years, but they only confirmed their romance and went Instagram official in March.

In an interview published on entertainment portal on Wednesday (Aug 4), Teo revealed that the first meet-the-parents session went very well.

He had previously worked with her mum and older brother Chen Yixin on drama My One In A Million, so the only hurdle was her dad, who is known to be extremely protective of his daughter.

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Teo jokingly likened meeting him to “the final boss challenge”, referring to the last monster to be defeated in a video game.

To his relief, her dad was “very nice” to him right from the start.

While Edmund Chen had said on a recent radio show for Father’s Day in June that he couldn’t come to terms with his daughter having a boyfriend, Chen Yixin laughed off those remarks.

“Honestly, I think he meant it as a joke and it was blown out of proportion,” she said. “He’s been very supportive of our relationship, and very loving and welcoming towards Gavin. There’s no animosity like how he described. I think that was just the actor in him being dramatic.”

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She also spilled the beans on how Teo had to pee in the middle of confessing his feelings to her, as he had drunk a lot of beer beforehand to boost his courage.

“It was a surprise to me,” she said, as she thought their relationship was platonic, even though they had bonded over horror movies, music and singer Ed Sheeran. “I didn’t say yes or no because I didn’t know what to do and I kind of replied to his confession like two days later.”

Now that they have been together for two years, Teo has been embraced by the Chen family.

He added: “I feel like (her parents) really treat me like their own son and I appreciate that.”

This article was first published in The Straits Times.

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