Freja Beha Erichsen has Valentina perfume personalityFreja Beha Erichsen thinks her personality is the reason she’s the face of Valentino’s perfume.

The model was named as the fragrance Valentina’s spokesperson earlier this year. She is thrilled to be involved with the scent as its ethos really speaks to her.

“Difficult to say… but I think it is because of my personality,” she told GraziaDaily, when asked why she thinks she was chosen for the role.

“Valentina is a sweet yet an unconventional girl, she cares for the people she loves, but she has a rebellious side and especially wants to be free and have fun,” said Freja.

“Of, course she is not denying where she is from, nor am I, but she is young and wants the world to be open to her. She wants to have access to what every person of her age has access to – art, music, fashion… This is how I feel and I am lucky to be able to do what I like and want today.”

Freja is impressed with the way the floral scent changes slightly as she wears it. She also loves the work which went into creating the pale pink bottle, which boasts three flowers down the front.

“It gives a chic feel but also expresses something delicate, feminine yet modern and strong,” she said.

The model is in demand at the moment, and is recently thought to have shot the upcoming Chloé campaign alongside Arizona Muse.

Having a lot of work on means she’s constantly jetting between countries. The star has explained how she remains fresh-faced despite her hectic professional life.

“I am quite ‘natural’ in the sense that I do not worry too much about the way I look and like a casual look. However, I do use a quality moisturiser night and morning. I do not wear make-up if I do not need to,” she said.

“When I go out, I like a line black kohl eyeliner on my eyes. For my hair, I just spray it with a texturising product to give it some texture and then mess it up a little with my fingers.” © COVERMEDIA