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Star Wars fan Dominic Lau wants you to meet his new pet – the AT-AT. Credit: Sara Jane Ong

Dominic Lau is a man who enjoys the company of women. Unlike some more awkward members of the male population, the TV host doesn’t shy away from interacting with females.

“Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by beautiful women on set every single day?” asks Lau with a cheeky grin as he explains why he agreed to come back for the fourth season of modelling reality show series Supermodelme. Besides being close friends with the host of Supermodelme: Femme Fatale, Lisa S, and fellow judge Ase Wang, there was no way he would reject the chance to get to know the 12 gorgeous contestants from all over Asia.

But the tall Eurasian, who is himself a model and gained popularity on Channel V as VJ Dom, will have you know that he’s no Simon Cowell. In fact, it’s the seemingly sweet Ase Wang who can be “very scary”.

“If Ase doesn’t like something, she will let you know. If she doesn’t like the way you stand, she will tell you. If you are wearing too much makeup, she will tell you. If you are too thin, she will tell you. And if I’m talking too much, she will tell me,” spills Lau. “But I make her laugh on set. I’m the practical joker and I used to make her giggle all the time, the director would hate us for it because we would have to reshoot everything.”

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Both AT-AT and Dominic agree that women aren’t that difficult to understand. Credit: Sara Jane Ong

It’s easy to see that Lau has a sense of humour. He jokes about how he would ace the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo themed challenge the contestants went through on the reality show as he “has always liked the feel of silk and satin on his skin, lace is also good as it’s change from the cotton underwear he’s used to wearing” and in a minute, we are laughing along with him.

But when questioned about his cheesiest pick-up line, he is almost at a loss for words. Instead, he shares with us how a girl chatted him up at a bar and bet him 100 Hong Kong dollars that she could kiss him without touching him. “I paused and thought, how is it possible? Then she kissed me and gave me a hundred bucks,” admitted Lau, who loved it.

Watch our Five Minutes with Dominic Lau below to find out exactly what is his cheesiest pick up line and see his best impersonation of Ben Stiller’s Blue Steel look. Don’t forget to catch the season finale of Supermodelme: Femme Fatale on February 3 and 5, 2014 on DIVA Universal at 8pm and MediaCorp Channel 5 at 10.30pm respectively. For more information, go to