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Beware, manly man in the house. Enter at your own risk!

There’s a frisson of giddy glee coursing through the Her World office, and we have David Gandy to blame. Or, more specifically, David in his skivvies.

The “world’s only male supermodel” (his words, not ours) has gifted the world with a new line of sleepwear and other sexy bedroom-friendly bits and bobs, and we just cannot deal. 

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As it stands, David’s Marks & Spencer collab is a right old doozy. I mean, just look at these distractingly appetising ad visuals!

Girls, if you like your beefcake, then you’ll lap up the testosterone-laden tenderloin on ample display like so many cats on catnip.

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We’ve clocked in more office hours gawking at the David Gandy for Autograph collection than we’d care to admit to HR, but we’re happy to report that the 34-year-old gent is ripening nicely like the rarest whisky.

That taut torso is tauter than ever, if that’s even possible; indeed, David’s bod more than matches Michelangelo’s statue, pec for pec. 

Feeling naughty Buy your boyfriend these undies! B2.png

Some of our favourite shots: David practically oozing pheromones through our smartphone screen, lounging languidly against a hardwood wall; David reclining in bed, his bedroom eyes burning holes into our soul; David being David … and we haven’t even talked about the tightie whities!  

For the undies proper, expect nifty details like a subtle houndstooth embossed on the seams (the press notes explain that this is a nod to David’s love for posh British menswear) and silhouettes “traditionally found in men’s tailoring”. 

Burning question: Does all the design emphasis on men’s outerwear mean it’s now carte blanche for guys to traipse around town in (just) their tailored underwear? 

Feeling naughty Buy your boyfriend these undies! B5.png

Oh, just in case you think all of this is much too much, we’re betting your man will be comfortable flashing these in the gym’s changing room; the sombre black-white-grey colourway is perfectly respectable and redolent with manly manliness.

For what it’s worth, though, more than one female friend have remarked on the canny marketing strategy of appealing to both wearer and beholder. David himself says he’s given much thought to ensuring “great comfort and fit”, while the slim fit boxers come with “a lower rise and shorter short” that’s clearly meant to be aesthetically, if not physically, stimulating …

In other words, this collection has been created with women in mind, which is quite frankly gratifying to know!

The David Gandy for Autograph collection, from $49.90 for a cotton vest to $89.90 for pyjama bottoms, is available at Marks & Spencer Wheelock Place  For more information, visit global.marksandspencer.com/sg and follow the brand on Facebook.