Some of these awesome Singapore women have been in the limelight for decades, while others are relative newcomers. But what they all have in common is talent, great personalities and the fact that we love them.

Carrie Wong, 22, actress/model
This popular actress’ first foray into the limelight was in 2013, when she joined Channel U’s Hey Gorgeous. She came in second, then made the transition to acting. And she had proven that she isn’t fazed by big names, acting alongside one of her idols, Christopher Lee, in one of her first roles – and coming out tops. Carrie’s star is certainly rising and we’re not surprised at all that she has been referred to as ‘the next Fann Wong’.


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Felicia Chin, 31, actress
She hit the headlines this year when she appeared in a nude dress on the red carpet at the Star Awards Show 1, but, thankfully, her fashion sense isn’t the only thing she’s known for. Felicia also famously quit her NUS Business School studies three years ago to return to acting and we’re sure her fans are thankful for that.


Poojaa Gill, 25, model/host
She flew the Singapore flag as a contestant on Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2 and was also the winner of Miss Asia Pacific World Singapore 2014. Poojaa’s introduction to the modelling world was as a finalist in The New Paper New Face contest 10 years ago. She’s come a long way since then, thanks to her stunning beauty and immense confidence.


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Jeanette Aw, 37, actress
One of the most popular actresses in Singapore, Jeanette finally received the Best Actress award at this year’s Star Awards. She had been nominated seven times prior to winning so it certainly was a sweet victory for her. But Jeanette is not just a pretty face, she has also written two books – Jeanette Aw: Definitions and Sol’s World: Somebody To Love.


Michelle Chong, 39, actress/host
We love her because she seems like such good fun to hang out with. Even though she has been a face on local TV since the late 90s, we highly enjoy seeing her as her various characters in The Noose. Whether as a reporter, a maid or our favourite SPG, Michelle shows just how talented – and likeable – she is.


Diya P, 17 model
Her World magazine’s cover girl this month is one of the hottest models in Singapore at the moment. She won The New Paper New Face in 2014 and, since then, this teenage sensation has been making waves and winning praises in the modelling industry. She’s even been featured in Vogue India and stars in our story Singapore’s got style AND beauty


Rebecca Lim, 29, actress
Best known for her role in The Pupil, Rebecca has appeared in both English and Mandarin TV shows. Her fans were shocked when she announced her retirement early this year but it turns out it was related to a campaign she was working on with NTUC Income. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when this was revealed, as we still want to see her on our screens.


Jean Danker, 37, radio DJ/host/voiceover artist
She’s been keeping us company over the radio for almost 20 years now and it’s easy to think of Jean as our ‘friend’, thanks to her familiar voice. She’s the girl-next-door who never fails to entertain us and that’s why we love her. And she scores bonus Singaporean points for having hosted the NDP several times – and will be doing so this year too.


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Dawn Yeoh, 30, actress
She started as a shy teenager at the ripe old age of 17 and is now a grown woman who’s full of confidence but is still as cute as a button. She signed with a Taiwanese agency a couple of years ago but we haven’t quite lost her yet, as she’s still on our screens in Mandarin TV shows. 


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Angela May, 41, model/TV host
Known for hosting various travel and food shows, Angela recently took her love for food to the next level by opening her own restaurant, Angela May Food Chapters. This comes as no surprise when you find out that she has a Le Diplôme de Cuisine from famed French Culinary Academy ‘Le Cordon Bleu’ in Sydney. But she doesn’t just run it, she’s a chef in her restaurant too.



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