Just four months after giving birth to baby Zed, Singapore’s favourite hot mama Fann Wong looks exactly as she did before her pregnancy. We met the 43-year-old at a Marie France Bodyline event on January 7, 2015, where she was introduced as the new celebrity spokesperson for the slimming agency.

Fann Wong tells us why her post pregnancy body looks so good DECOR 1Fann Wong looks amazing in this shot for Marie France Bodyline. Image: Marie France Bodyline

The new mother showed off her slender figure on-stage – she apparently shed 16 kilograms via a 2.5-month post-natal slimming programme with the agency – in a sheer black bodysuit and a miniskirt.

Her skin was glowing and her hair styled sleek and straight – wait, what did she look like a few months ago? It’s hard to believe that Fann said she suffered from lots of water retention in May 2014, and was eating “like a sumo” back in November (Really, that’s just only two months ago!).

Fann Wong tells us why her post pregnancy body looks so good DECOR 2Fann Wong at the Marie France Bodyline event. Image: herworldPLUS

It doesn’t matter. Our yummy mummy is back with a new bod and ready to take on 2015. She tells us in a mix of English and Mandarin, that she’s been reading scripts and is looking to take on more challenging roles this year, though she’ll have to prioritise between her work and Zed.

Speaking of Prince Zed, we found out what he’s been up to lately – from his favourite type of solid food to kicking his legs to Gangnam Style – and we must say we loved how Fann’s face instantly lights up whenever her dear #zedzed is mentioned. (Aww) We love you, Fann.

Here’s our interview with Singapore’s favourite hot mama:

You’re famous for drinking lots of bird’s nest – what else do you eat to look this good?
My mum has started to make fish maw soup, fish maw is very good. I drink milk, and nothing much in particular. I take less birds nest now, because it’s very cooling, so I cut down on it.

This is your first Chinese New Year with your son, do you have any special plans?
We will go back to Malacca (for about a week or so), and hopefully this year we’ll stay a little bit longer in Malacca – that’s what we hope and plan for. We just submitted his passport and we’re looking forward to [getting] it.

Is Zed starting to eat solid food? What’s his favourite?
Yes! Now, we’re still very conservative – he tried cereal, carrot and broccoli, but I guess he loves carrot because it’s sweet. He gets very kan cheong (excited) every time his yellow spoon and bowl are out. In the beginning, he wasn’t used to solid food and didn’t know how to eat it, but once he had the taste of “real food”, he enjoys his cereal very very much.

You recently received a breast-feeding device for men …
That was given by a fan! Because he (husband Christopher Lee) kept telling the media that he wants to breastfeed! Every time I slim down, he says “I also want to breastfeed!” so my fan bought the “Mr Milker”. I said: “There you go,” and he said: “I can try.”

On the topic of Chris, how does he bond with Zed?
He changes his diapers, bathes him, brings him out to play – recently, we’ve been playing around with beats and dancing, so every time he (Zed) hears a beat, he’ll be very happy, he’ll start kicking his legs. We’ve taught him Gangnam Style, and recently I’ve been singing Chinese New Year songs to him, teaching him how to “gong xi, gong xi”. (A congratulatory phrase and hand gesture said and done during Chinese New Year.)

Any idea of what Chris will give you on your birthday this January 27?
I don’t know what kind of present he will give me. I have no requests. I just wish to spend it with the two most important people in my life – my lao qing ren and xiao qing ren (old lover and young lover).

What’s would you like to receive from your fans?
I think, as long as my fans support my work, watch my shows, it’s enough. They don’t need to give me anything, if they want to give me something i would rather they do something for charity – let’s say maybe they donate something to the Community Chest or the Children’s Society. They can give me the receipt, but they don’t have to give me anything else, I think it’s good as it is.

What’s the most exciting thing you can reveal about your plans for 2015?
In April, the Starhub drama series My Secret App will be out by then – that’s my first project after giving birth. I’m also the ambassador for Marie France Bodyline and I’ve been reading scripts, so I’m sure I’m going to do more after Chinese New Year.

Now that you’re a mother, does it affect the kind of roles you choose?
Not really. To me, as long as it’s challenging or something I’ve never tried before, but of course, now that I have Zed, I will have to prioritise whether I want to spend my time with Zed or if the script is something I really want to do.

Give us an example of what you mean by a challenging role, or what roles you hope to play.
There are so many, it’s very difficult. I do think that I will want to choose more motherly roles – stories about this generation’s women. I feel that for us, in this generation, we experience a lot and have a lot of brilliant stories to tell.


A little #midweek message from our favourite hot mama, @fannaiaiwong! (By the way, how radiant is Fann’s skin?)

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