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When she was in her 20s and 30s, local actress Fann Wong used to be more vain.

But today, the 46-year-old is no longer worried, as she has realised that beauty encompasses myriad aspects. Fann, who graced the official opening of new beauty gym Bella Marie France last Wednesday as its celebrity ambassador, told The New Paper: “As I grew older, I started to feel that beauty is what you exude from within.

“Outer beauty is still important because of the first impression you give others. But as I matured and got to know myself better, my self-confidence and self-assurance slowly increased as well.” Fann said her definition of beauty has changed, especially after becoming a mum to her son Zed, who is nearly three.

She said: “When you look and feel so sloppy and sweaty after a long day, but your son still looks at you like you are the most beautiful woman on earth, that was when I realised that it was all in the eye of the beholder.” Fann also said her skincare routine underwent a drastic change due to motherhood.

From a 10-step routine, it has been reduced to the basics.

“I used to make do-it-yourself facials and scrubs and put on body slimming cream. But now, I don’t even apply toner,” she said.



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“My morning and evening rituals are quite similar. I just cleanse my face, and put on moisturiser and eye cream.” She said she places an emphasis on eye cream because the eyes are the windows to the soul.

“Everyone will look into your eyes when they look at you, and it is even more so for us artists. Whenever we are filming, we express a lot through our eyes. Furthermore, (the area around them) has very thin skin, so we have to take care of it carefully,” she said.

At Bella Marie France – a one-stop unification of expertise from Bella Skin Care and Marie France Bodyline – which Fann frequents “often” for “me time”, her favourite treatments are the 360 Turnaround for a major boost of skin hydration and targeted fat reduction, and the i-Laser Sculpt fat burning treatment for the body.Fann’s husband, local actor Christopher Lee, does not compliment her as much as before, but “he will always complain how come I get to eat so much but yet continue to stay so slim”.



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She said with a laugh that he has been saying that every day since she had Zed.

Her must-have beauty product is lip gloss, and she makes sure she has a tube in her bag, her car and Lee’s car at all times. Fann will be starring in two projects with Lee – it has been eight years since their last collaboration. The first is Yi Nian, which was shot in Beijing and is scheduled to open at the end of the year, and the second is Channel 8 drama Doppelganger slated for release next year.


This story was originally published in The New Paper.