Eva Mendes: I have to work on my bodyEva Mendes has “to work” to stay in shape.

The gorgeous actress insisted she isn’t blessed with skinny genes and has to work out in order to stay toned.

The 37-year-old prefers to exercise and indulge occasionally rather than cutting out her favourite foods.

“[My philosophy] is to work out and eat what I want.,” she told Health & Beauty magazine.

“I’m not one of those actresses who they don’t have to work at it. I do.”

The Ghost Rider star also named her favourite health-savvy snacks.

Eva admitted she loves sweets but usually opts for healthier options. But if nothing else works, the Latina sticks to dark chocolate.

“I really like brown rice and vegetable, and always have a couple of apples in my bag. I always drink a glass of water with squeezed lemon juice before bed and when I wake up,” she said.

“I have a seriously sweet tooth, so I eat dark chocolate to satisfy any cravings.”