Eva Longoria is stunning in real life. Credit: Lynette Chen

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, affirmed Eva Longoria. The Hollywood star was in Singapore to open the brand new Damiani boutique at Marina Bay Sands which was very aptly decked out in stunning statement pieces from the Italian jeweller. Even without really looking, the three-finger San Lorenzo diamond ring the actress was wearing could be spotted miles away.

Longoria and her Damiani bling. Credit: Lynette Chen

But I had to admit, Longoria’s personality sparkled as brightly as the bling she was sporting. She was very engaging at the intimate press conference that took place at the Art Science Museum and revealed that good friend Victoria Beckham had told her that Singapore was really hot before she flew here. Beckham’s advice about the humidity helped Longoria with packing for the trip.

Besides her candid account about her famous friend, I picked up some titbits about the Desperate Housewives alumni. You know how I’m all about sharing so here are five fun things about Eva Longoria.

Longoria knows that a sense of humour is deadly sexy. Credit: Lynette Chen

1. The lady may be petite but boy, does she have a huge laugh. An uninhibited, throw-back-the-head laugh is what Longoria does when she hears or says something funny. Plus, she has a wicked sense of humour. “Guido (Damiani, CEO of the Damiani company) said ‘Why don’t you wear a simple watch today?’ and this is his definition of a simple watch,” quipped the actress as she held up the diamond studded Mimosa watch.

2. Unlike some other celebrities who dread plane rides and foreign lands, Longoria loves travelling. “I’m Mexican, I travel anywhere there’s a beach because we’ve amazing beaches in Mexico. I’m also a huge history buff, I like learning about the history of a country. I think travel is the greatest luxury,” shared the actress. Since Longoria’s such a fan of travelling, naturally she likes airports. The star revealed in April that she loves flying and airports.

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, in any language,” says Longoria. Credit: Lynette Chen

3. Longoria loves white diamonds. The philanthropist likes classic jewellery pieces and is partial to white diamonds in any kind of setting, be it any type of gold or platinum.

4. Longoria is a runner. That’s how she gets over travel fatigue. “I actually run anywhere I go. This morning, I ran at the Gardens (by the Bay) here, it was a magical experience and probably the best in my life. I always run and do exercise when I travel so I adapt to the time change and get the endorphins up,” revealed the actress about her secret to looking so fresh, despite arriving in town early that same morning.

The actress always makes time to do good – she meets up with a young cancer patient (left) after the press conference. Credit: Lynette Chen

5. The actress is great at time management. She manages to produce the TV series Devious Maids, act in the upcoming movie Frontera and also squeeze in time for her philanthropist efforts. Longoria declared, “I’m an efficient minded person and tap into as much as I can everyday.” This year, she has travelled to Paris, London, Marbella, Mexico and Dubai where the Eva Longoria Foundation looks into and then helps raise the pressing needs of each place.

The new Damiani boutique is located at #B2-79 The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands. For more information about Damiani, go to www.damiani.com. Follow the brand on Facebook at www.facebook.com/damianiofficial, Twitter @DamianiOfficial and Instagram @DamianiOfficial.