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Image by Encore Films

Taiwanese actor Ethan Juan plays a soldier, Pao, who is assigned to a military brothel in period film Paradise In Service.

As part of the script, Juan (also spelt Ruan) had to film several scenes where he would be touched and caressed by girls, which he describes as rather embarrassing.

Paradise In Service is set on Kinmen island, from 1969 to 1972, set against a backdrop of soldiers who are fleeing Communist China and who want to go back, but are unable to. Juan himself has a personal connection to the period: his grandfather was also unable to return to China, and experienced that same sense of unfulfilled longing. The actor said he took up the role to better understand his grandfather.

To view Ethan’s interview where he speaks more in detail about his nude scenes, click here.

Directed by Doze Niu, the film will open in Singapore on Nov 6.

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