Credit: PULSE9.NET

A new K-pop girl group is set to make its debut on Monday, March 22 with 11 sweet young things. The catch? They were all created using deep-fake technology and artificial intelligence.

Eternity’s virtual idols were created with Deep Real AI, a deep-fake virtual imaging technology developed by South Korean tech company Pulse9.

They not only boast unique facial features, they have even been given distinct personalities.

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Pulse9 said that its Deep Real AI technology is different from existing deep-fake technology in its realism, low costs and short production times.

On its website, there are videos of Eternity’s members performing almost like humans, with relatively natural expressions, although it is still possible to tell that they were computer-generated.

Besides performing as a group, the members will also release solo songs and work as influencers and brand models.

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In fact, one member has already appeared in an advertisement for a brokerage firm.

Eternity is the latest in a line of AI-created celebrities in South Korea.

Last November, K-pop girl group Aespa made their debut with eight members – four real and four virtual counterparts.

That same month, cable company MBN turned its news anchor Kim Ju-ha into an AI entity that is capable of reading the news 24/7.

This article was first published in The Straits Times.